Past Presidents of the Mesquite Rotary Club

Our Rotary club would not be the success it is today without the legacy of leadership that we have enjoyed. Taking the job of president of a Rotary club means that one is volunteering to assume responsibility for the stewardship of the organization, and for leading it to further success. Doing the job requires lots of time and attention to many details. So, we extend a sincere salute, and our appreciation, to all of those listed below who have served as president of our club!
1959-60 Frank W. Blackbourn, Jr. 1991-92 William E. Newman
1960-61 William D. Davis   1992-93 Rob Schlegel
1961-62 Weldon Sadler   1993-94 Richard G. Davis
1962-63 Steve Guthrie   1994-95 Steve Whitworth
1963-64 Udell J. Geers   1995-96 Kenneth A. Pearce
1964-65 William H. Bradfield   1996-97 James E. Huckaby
1965-66 Robert E. West   1997-98 Michael F. Slaton
1966-67 Howard A. Sobel   1998-99 Mary M. Rydesky
1967-68 Robert E. Key   1999-00 Harry B. Filbey
1968-69 Bill J. Smith     2000-01 James A. Wade
1969-70 Jerry W. Hobbs   2001-02 Nick C. Lamb
1970-71 Robert Pill     2002-03 Mark E. Hindman
1971-72 Kenneth M. Pace   2003-04 James C. Griffin
1972-73 Don R. Harper   2004-05 Robert Bowmer
1973-74 Bill Bedrick     2005-06 Stephen H. Engel
1974-75 Dr. Jack Nelson   2006-07 Jerry Ferguson
1975-76 John D. Horn   2007-08 Gary D. Bingham
1976-77 L. Charles Causey   2008-09 Terry McCullar
1977-78 Len Gibbens   2009-10 Brian Keelan
1978-79 Paul R. Oliver   2010-11 Mark Kerby  
1979-80 Glen W. Grayson   2011-12 Phillip G. Mongeau
1980-81 John B. Todd   2012-13 Debi Holley  
1981-82 Melvin Ziegenbein, Jr.   2013-14 John Emery  
1982-83 Weldon Lacy   2014-15 Chris Jasper  
1983-84 Jerry Henson   2015-16 Mike Garvey
1984-85 Ken Duggins   2016-17 Byron McKnight
1985-86 James T. Watts   2017-18 Michael Hooker
1986-87 S.W. Randolph   2018-19 Les Clark  
1987-88 Mike Bunch     2019-20 John Taylor  
1988-89 Raymond P. De Blasi   2020-21 Angel Rivera
1989-90 John Heiman, Jr   2021-22 Vince Falsarella
1990-91 Ronnie Rawls